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WOW Plan


  • 20 to 40GB Disk Space
  • 1 to 2 CPU Cores
  • 1 to 4GB Memory
  • 4TB Bandwidth
  • Server scales as you grow!


Knowledgeable Staff


Fast SSD Drives


Scales with You


Vital Monitoring
Knowledgeable Staff
Linux is our thing. We’re command-line navigating, console loving, green-text-on-black-background reading geniuses. Let us take care of the nerdy stuff, you just focus on making your website great.
Fast SSD Drives
The hard drive is where your images, files, and database live. Most hosting companies will give you old-school hard drives that spin when retrieving those important documents for your web visitors. We have super-fast SSD drives which don’t spin at all. No moving parts means less time searching, and more time serving.
Scales With You
When your website grows, your host grows with it. We automatically scale-up your webserver when you need more CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, or Hard Drive space. Take a look at our chart above to see the exact numbers. If you end up needing more, then it means you’re website is doing *really* well, and we’ll find a custom solution that fits your needs.
Vital Monitoring
We have real-time graphs of your sever’s vitals to make sure it’s happy and healthy. If your site ever slows down, we’ll figure out why. If it needs an upgrade, we’ll upgrade it free of charge (within the limits set out above).